The Apple event is scheduled for next Tue, Sept. 14, at 22 p.m. PDT. And this means that the long-awaited Apple iPhone 13 will be announced on this day.

The internet has been speculating for months about the new iPhone release date and its features, and we can finally get a glimpse of the new toy. But while the Apple event is less than a week away, we haven’t been able to find out much about the new features of the iPhone 13 since the last time we talked about it.

New Apple iPhone 13 range

As expected, Apple will offer its flagship iPhone 13 phone in four variants: the regular 13 model, the Mini, Pro and Pro Max version. Like the iPhone 12 range released in 2020, but better.

On the release date, we hope to see the new iPhone 13 with an updated design (a smaller notch), better cameras, improved battery life, a 120 Hz display and an A15 processor.

As for the design, we expect minor changes without a complete makeover. So, in terms of appearance, the new iPhone 13 will not stand out from the previous lineup, except for a reduced-sized notch (it’s still there, though):

Apple also plans to improve the cameras, as they always do, by adding a sensor stabilizer on all iPhone 13 models. Last year’s rumors also excited fans about a 120 Hz screen on the iPhone 12, but this did not happen. We really hope that Apple will deliver this year.

But all these updates were more or less confirmed to date. The only new gossip we’ve heard is about color selection. Specifically, Apple would add a new color “Sunset Gold” to the iPhone 13 range. We can also see a matte black (no exact name yet) and even a pink iPhone.

Will the iPhone 13 release date be a virtual event?

Yes, on Sept. 14 The Apple event becomes a virtual event.

Apple usually holds three a year, starting with a spring event and then two more in the fall. The latter would normally be scheduled for Sept and Oct. September’s events feature iPhone and Apple Watch releases, and Oct is dedicated to iPads and Macs.

Due to the ongoing recent times, Apple continues to hold virtual events, keeping its Steve Jobs Theater closed for the time being.

What else will we see in September? 14?

In addition to the new iPhone 13, We hope to see the following updated gadgets:

  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • AirPods 3
  • iPad 9th generation
  • iPad Mini 6th generation

On the Sept. 14 iPhone 13 release date, we expect to find out more about the upcoming iOS 15. Many Apple fans can already test the beta version, because you no longer need to be a developer to register.

Old iPhones will become affordable after the iPhone 13 release date

As always, your old iPhones will get affordable (much affordable) once Apple starts taking pre-orders. This may not be a concern for iPhone users who are upgrading, but if you have decided for some reason to participate with your smartphone, now is the time to act.

And if you check now, at Gadget Salvation, we will hold your offer for 30 days.

To give you an idea of how much you can sell your previous models, here are some examples:

  • We are currently offering for a used Verizon Apple iPhone 11 Pro 256GB model;*
  • An unlocked used iPhone 12 128GB can be resold.*

But this does not mean that only older iPhones will be affected by this next version. Android users who plan to get rid of their smartphones will also notice some price drops. And given that Samsung phones devalue much faster than iPhones, the price reduction will be significant. For example, last year the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has already become much more affordable than its iPhone 12 counterparts.


The release date of the new iPhone 13 is only a few days away, but if you expect to see a completely redesigned phone, you will be disappointed. It seems that those days of pure excitement about the brand new technology are somehow over. So if you want a cool foldable phone with a stylus, it’s time to switch to Samsung. But whether you want to upgrade your iPhone or use an Android, do it as soon as possible, because each new iPhone version causes the sales value of older models to drop significantly.

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