Many of us were somewhat skeptical when Samsung released its first foldable smartphone. And for good reason: Galaxy Fold phones are expensive, and the fragile screens of the very first models crack easily.

The recent Galaxy Z Fold 3, although still expensive, is actually a little affordable than the previous Fold 2 model; it is much more durable and, unfortunately, it now supports the S pen.

Let’s take a look at this very innovative technology from Samsung.

Summary of the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

  • Waterproof
  • 7.6-inch tablet-like screen with 24.5:9 aspect ratio
  • Foldable stand for S Pen Pro and S Pen
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Price And Availability

The model was released a little more than a week ago, on August 27, 2021. It is currently available for pre-order on Samsung’s website to be shipped by September 24th.

The basic model with 256 GB of storage is on sale, while the 512 GB version costs 1899.99.. Samsung also offers three-year financing with monthly payments.

It should be noted that the new Fold 3 is a little affordable than its predecessor Galaxy Fold 2 when it was launched. The old Z 2 model started in 2020. Right now you can find a brand new one on eBay.

Design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

In terms of appearance, the phone is no different from the previous two versions, still offering the same book-like folding design. However, the central hinge now looks much more durable. In fact, it should be 80% stronger than the previous model, according to Samsung.

It is still quite bulky in its folded state, which makes it a little difficult for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to compete with ordinary BAR-type smartphones. But it folds out into a 7.6-inch screen, which makes it almost like a smaller tablet. Samsung has also added a cool taskbar to the Z Fold 3 screen, very similar to the one you can find in Windows. The phone is supposed to be a productivity gadget, offering an experience as close as possible to the PC.

The frame of the phone is made of lightweight but durable aluminum material. Still, it’s a heavy device, weighing 9.56 ounces. Anyway, due to its foldable function, it works better than the Microsoft Surface Duo foldable phone-tablet because it is much more portable and therefore easier to handle. An important upgrade is that the new fold is water resistant with an IPX8 rating, which means that the phone is safe if immersed in water more than a meter deep. However, Samsung has not tested the dust resistance.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is available in the following color options: Phantom Black, Phantom Green and Phantom Silver.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Display

The phone’s screen measures 6.2 inches diagonally when folded, revealing a huge 7.6-inch edge-to-edge panel once you unfold it.

The larger (main) screen is made of Samsung’s ultra-thin glass, which is scratch-resistant and less damaging.

Both screens offer a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The upper (smaller) screen has OLED technology, while the inner screen is AMOLED. Thanks to its wide aspect ratio of 24.5:9, this smartphone is perfect for reading and surfing the web and can easily replace any e-reading tablet.

The screen resolution has not changed, still at 2208 x 1768 pixels, but the screen is now much brighter. But unfortunately, it lags behind the flagship phones Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 cameras could do better. And don’t get me wrong, they work well, but they are not up to those of the Galaxy S21 series phones.

The main one is 12MP f / 1.8 with optical image stabilization (ois). Then there is an ultra-wide 12MP f/2.2 and a 2x 2MP f/2.4 zoom with OIS. All three are located at the back. Then you have a single 10MP f/2.2 front camera. And finally, inside there is a 4MP front camera hidden under the display panel, which is good because you don’t have the annoying punch hole opening other Galaxy S and Note phones.

It should be noted that Samsung has not updated the cameras on its recent Z Fold model, as the one from 2020 offered exactly the same specifications.


Samsung has “downgraded” its recent Z Fold model to a 4400 mAh battery from a 4500 mAh pack that the 2020 phone had. Although it may not seem like much, those who plan to use this smartphone for work will definitely notice the difference. And if you plan to use the 5G network, be prepared to charge your phone at least once a day.

Like all the recent Samsung Galaxy models, the Z Fold 3 does not come with an AC adapter, but supports wireless powered.


Although the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G is not suitable for everyone, it is still undeniably cool and innovative. So if you are ready to move on this fall, consider selling your used iPhone now, as its price will drop significantly once the new iPhone 13 is released. The same goes for Android owners: get a quote today and lock it for 30 days if you want to sell a used smartphone for the best value for money.

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