Is Razer a good laptop brand? We hear this question a lot. And the short answer is yes. In fact, Razer laptops are among the best that money can buy for gaming. However, Razer laptops are also suitable for other energy-intensive tasks, such as video rendering, graphic design and complicated multimedia operations. In addition, Razer laptops look great and last a long time. But what exactly makes a Razer computer great? Let’s dissect this “are Razer laptops good?”question.

Razer: the Manufacturer of gaming laptops (and other equipment)

Razer Inc. was founded in 2005 in San Diego, California by Min-Liang Tan (currently CEO) and Robert Krakoff. The company produces consumer electronics, gaming hardware components and provides financial services. Razer is a world-renowned gaming hardware manufacturer whose mission is to create high-quality products for the most demanding gamers.

So, What About Razer Laptops? Are They Good?

Gamers are Razer’s main target audience. The company began by focusing solely on the manufacture of gaming equipment and computers with high-resolution screens, backlit keyboards and accessories to attract the ever-expanding gaming community. Recently, however, we can notice that their attention has begun to shift to professionals and gamers. And you can tell by looking at the robust and minimal design of the new Razer laptops. But performance remains Razer’s top priority. Therefore, a Razer laptop can help users complete multiple tasks quickly and efficiently. At the same time, it is powerful enough for the most demanding AAA games.

Laptop Highlights

  • The hardware components are designed and manufactured in-house.
  • Computers are light and thin but powerful at the same time. The Razer Blade Stealth range is a great example of this.
  • Capable of running the recent Windows software.
  • Large selection of I/O ports, wired and wireless connectivity options.
  • Decent cooling system and an important responsive trackpad on each model.
  • Support for third-party peripherals and accessories (monitors, VR headsets, printers, game controllers, flash drives, etc.)
  • Razer has joined a large esports community allowing players from all over the world to connect and collaborate.
  • All Razer laptops come with a standard one-year warranty, including claims support and free two-way shipping for maintenance and repairs. An extended warranty is also available for purchase.

Weakness of Razer

  • Price. Razer computers are expensive due to their high-quality components and reputation in the gaming industry.
  • There are no mid-range laptop models available due to the brand’s focus on the gaming niche.
  • Keyboard quality. There is not a lot of key movement, which can annoy some users.
  • Despite its cooling technology, the Razer is prone to overheating like almost all gaming laptops.
  • Due to the sophisticated hardware, the battery does not last long.

Are Razer laptops good in terms of resale?

As expected from an expensive and extremely popular gaming brand, used Razer laptops offer good value over time. Maybe not as good as Apple, but a used Razer is still worth a few years after purchase, unlike other brands. For example, the Dell G5 5587 gaming laptop from 2018 is barely resalable after a few years of use, while the Razer Blade 15 from the same year has a significantly higher recovery value.

In addition, Razer has launched a green organization initiative, focused on reducing the carbon footprint of its technology. And although there is still no exchange program available, the company encourages users to return their old Razer gadgets to stores for free recycling.

In Conclusion

So, are Razer laptops good? Yes, they are. And although Razer is a brand for gamers, their laptops can be great for work and business. Beautiful design, vivid screens, and great computing power make Razer laptops one of the best on the market today. However, and not surprisingly, they are quite expensive. For this reason, we suggest that you buy a used Razer. Even if you decide to upgrade, you should still be able to sell your used laptop for the money.

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