The Asus ROG Strix G17 2021 has serious power and may well be the best gaming laptop to date. Asus has unveiled many exciting new ranges at CES 2021, but the Strix G17, in particular, has generated a lot of buzz among laptop gamers. And no wonder: AMD Ryzen processors continue to challenge Intel and develop a fairly solid fan base. And when this Ryzen processor is paired with NVIDIA RTX 30 Series graphics, nothing stops you.

Let’s take a look at this portable gaming machine.

Asus ROG Strix G713qr overview

The model comes with several recent AMD Ryzen processors and NVIDIA graphics options, but we will focus on the G713QR-ES96 model in Eclipse gray.

This laptop can impress any professional gamer: it comes with the Ryzen 9-5900HX 3.3 GHz processor and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU.

Here is a brief summary of the specifications:



  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6 with ROG Boost
  • AMD Ryzen R9-5900HX processor (16 MB cache, up to 4.6 GHz)
  • 300Hz 3ms 17.3 inch IPS FHD (1920×1080) screen
  • 16 GB OF DDR4 3200 MHz RAM
  • 1TB PCIe SSD
  • Rog Intelligent Cooling Thermal System-Thermal Grizzly liquid metal thermal compound
  • Rog Aura Sync system with RGB keyboard, white backlit logo and RGB light bar
  • Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1
  • Windows 10 Family

As you can see, the system contains high-end hardware, but it also has the appearance that suits it.

ASUS ROG Strix G17 sleek design

This year, the Strix G17 has become more portable thanks to its smaller chassis. It also has beautiful Aura Sync LED accents on the keyboard, on the ROG logo and on the sides of the palmrest, not too different from some Dell and Lenovo gaming laptop models.

In terms of design, the ROG Strix G17 is almost identical to the Scar 17 model. Being a 17.3-inch laptop, it only weighs about 6 pounds. The laptop is surprisingly compact. It sports a stylish dark gray exterior that looks expensive and professional, allowing this model to also serve as a work computer.

The new Strix G17 cover is less sensitive to fingerprints and smudges, which is an improvement over last year’s models.

300Hz Screen

All ASUS ROG Strix G17 2021 configurations come with the unique 300Hz FHD panel option. In addition, it offers a brightness of 300 nits and a response of 3 ms. Regarding the color coverage, the benchmarks are: 98.9% sRGB, 73.7% AdobeRGB, 76.3% DCI-P3.

We must take into account that this is an FHD screen, it is bright as the QHD screen would be, so if you plan to use this laptop for graphic design projects, color accuracy may be an issue. However, for video games it works well. We recommend that you check out our article QHD vs FHD for gaming laptops from a few months ago for those who are debating between the two options.

Rog intelligent cooling


Rog Smart Cooling is another great feature, allowing users to customize the system and settings for an optimal gaming experience. Again, Asus uses advanced technology, such as liquid metal compounds on the processor and a well-ventilated exterior to keep fan noise to a minimum. The manufacturer even claims that it could increase the airflow of its new Strix G17 machine by 32%.

ASUS ROG Strix G17 can be configured in four power profiles:

Quiet for a quiet fan and, as a result, lower CPU/GPU speeds. This mode is designed to save energy.

Performance provides a more balanced way of working.

The Turbo profile is designed for high gaming performance. The fan speed here increases significantly. Please note that the laptop must be connected to the power source in order to work in Turbo mode.

The manual profile allows you to adjust the settings of your Strix G17 according to the speed of the processor and GPU, as well as the temperature limits.

Asus ROG Strix G17 Battery

The model comes with the 90Wh li-ion battery. And it is one of the oldest gaming laptops on the market to date, especially considering its high-end internal hardware. Of course, the power consumption is somewhat subjective, but on average you can play up to 8 hours on the battery life, which is really impressive.

Value of Sales of Used Asus Laptops



For those looking to upgrade their current model, trading in an Asus laptop could be an easy way to get a few dollars back from the old laptop to spend on the new purchase. Of course, the exact amount depends on the laptop model and its condition, but we can give you some references:

For example, an earlier ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 edition with AMD Ryzen 7 and NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphics can be resold.*
An old one, ASUS ROG GL552.*


The Asus ROG Strix G17 2021 may not be the best gaming laptop yet, but it’s pretty darn close. The 17.3-inch screen at 300 Hz is just perfect for gaming. And we are frankly amazed at how Asus managed to keep the machine so light (only 6 pounds!), especially considering all this killer material! As if that wasn’t enough, the Strix G17 offers impressive battery life. Now you can really make your game on the road and look good!

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