Apple announced the new Apple Watch Series 7 last month, and it got some nice benefits. The new watch has a Retina display that is always on, in addition it is 20% larger. The Apple Watch Series 7 is also said to have more resistance than ever due to the thicker glass panel. But before you head to the Apple Store, read on to find out if the new Apple Watch Series 7 is really scalable.

Apple Watch Series 7: What’s New?

In general, the design changes are minimal. However, Apple has made some subtle changes to this watch. For example, it has softer and more rounded corners. In addition, the Apple Watch Series 7 has thinner bezels at only 1.7mm. and, as we mentioned, the actual screen is now 20% larger than the Apple Watch Series 6.

In addition to its size, the display has a unique refractive edge that gives the impression that watch faces and full-screen applications seamlessly connect to the curvature of the cover. The reduced limits of the Apple Watch Series 7 have also maximized the viewing area. As a result, the use of the new watch is more convenient: there is more text space and buttons and applications are easier to press. For example, using the Maps app on the new Apple Watch Series 7 for navigation is now much more comfortable.

We couldn’t help but spot a few new features exclusively tailored to the new watch. Apple has added two custom faces to this model: the Contour and the Modular Duo. The Countour has a nice interface and customizable fonts. In general, it is very minimal. The modular duo, on the other hand, looks much more “complicated”. You can also choose which applications to display.

Optimized AI

Apple has also added a full QWERTY keyboard for the Watch Series 7. It can be tapped or swiped with QuickPath, allowing users to swipe a finger to type. And the AI allows you to select the words you want to replace. In addition, the automatic prediction is quite decent, speeding up the typing process a little.

The Most Durable Apple Watch Yet

This new watch is the most durable yet, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. This is a much thicker glass cover, which makes the watch a little more tear-resistant. In addition, this is the first Apple smartwatch certified IP6X, which means that it is also dust-resistant. And, of course, it also maintains the WR50 water resistance rating. As a result, it should be safe to practice most sports while wearing this watch, or even take it to a beach on a sunny day.

Fast powered

Fast powered should be the most impressive added feature. The new smartwatch now charges 33% faster than previous models. Apple has achieved this thanks to its new powered architecture technology and its fast powered magnetic USB-C cable.

Thus, the battery life technically remains the same: you get about a day and a half of your Apple Watch Series 7 on a single charge. However, powered your watch becomes a little less tedious.

Apple Watch Series 7: options and prices

Prices for the new Apple Watch Series 7 start. And, as always, you have two sizes available: the 41mm and 45mm versions.

In addition, you can choose from a wide range of aluminum covers (such as Midnight, green, blue and (Product)red), band materials and collections.

The 41 mm and 45 mm versions are available in LTE and non-LTE variants.

Used trade-in value for Apple Watch

Since the Apple Watch Series 7 is practically out of the oven, we don’t have a sales value for it yet. But if you want to exchange or resell the old model, here are some examples for you:

The previous model, the Apple Watch Series 6 44mm LTE.*
The old Apple Watch Series 5 40mm GPS can be resold for today.*
It should be noted that, unlike other Apple gadgets, watches, although quite expensive, depreciate at a much higher rate.


Thus, the recent Apple Watch Series 7 sports a more refined design, combined with improved durability and a larger screen. In addition, they also load faster and offer improved AI technology. Is this the best watch you can buy today? This is certainly the cover, and we will not dispute it. But do these small changes justify an upgrade? Again, we would wait for the release of the next watch.

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